“Having spent the last 25 years as a small business owner in the City of Seattle, I am endorsing Jolie as a candidate on behalf of small business owners in our neighborhood (West Seattle) and city, as well as our state and country.  We know that our ingenuity, passion and courage moved us into serving our fellows, when we decided to open our businesses.  What we need in our government is the big heart and working practicality of Jolie.  Her attention to relationships and to our brave intentions as a country – to unite and to encourage freedom – will serve us ALL well as our Washington State Representative.”

-Angela Bern Castagnola
Entrepreneur/Small Business Owner

“Family values, small business experience, community driven. Vote for her. This is what we need. The time is now!”

-Josh Menashe

“I know Jolie Lansdowne to be a woman of integrity, service and solutions!! She has conquered life’s challenges with grit and kindness. She listens with an open heart and her compassion for her community is palatable. Our challenges in government are not about feelings, they are about understanding and transforming systems and structures. I believe Jolie is the “fresh voice” of wisdom and hope that the 34LD needs – right now!!  Vote Jolie!!”

– Robyn Balcom
King County resident 

“Jolie Lansdowne is an excellent and well-prepared candidate for the House of Representatives with her small business background. She has a proven record of negotiation and implementing steps to solve problems. She works well with others and will be a great resource in Olympia.”

– Kathy Lambert

“Jolie Lansdowne has been a friend and business associate for over 30 years. Her selfless pursuits are rare in this day and age.”

– Dan Duffus, Co-Founder
Blueprint Capital REIT

Congratulations!  After careful consideration by the KCGOP Candidate Endorsement Committee, we are pleased to inform you that you have been chosen as the candidate we will be endorsing for the 2022 election cycle.  

Thank you for all of your work as a candidate.  We appreciate your efforts and are supporting you!


Your KCGOP team!
Mathew Patrick Thomas – Chairman
Jenna Edlund – Executive Director
Stephanie Triche – Political Director