Public Safety

A healthy and thriving community begins with the safety of its residents. Together, we can take immediate action to make our neighborhoods safe for all residents.

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Small Business

Small and family-owned businesses are the backbone of our community. Let's support them and help lift the burdens of overregulation.

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The hope of a better future lies in the hands of our children. By investing in their education, we help to assure that future for them and for our entire community.

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Veterans Affairs

My grandfather instilled in me a sense of service. We have a responsibility to care for those who put everything on the line to serve us.

The 130,000+ Constituents of Washington’s 34th Legislative District have a common goal of seeing sound Public Safety measures. From the Port of Seattle through West Seattle, Burien and to Vashon Island, a Vote For Jolie is a vote to successfully increase Public Safety.

My two plus decades as a successful Real Estate Broker and Investor has positioned me well to advocate through the legal documents of Legislation. I understand how to negotiate peaceful and productive solutions.

My further advocacy includes tax relief measures, common sense policies, and support of small businesses as well as lifting financial burdens for struggling families.

As Vice-Chair of the 34th District Republicans and elected PCO, my first resolution was to create a team to measure voting accuracy in our district and employ steps to increase election integrity. Increasing voter confidence in our electoral system is common ground and common sense.

This generation requires a different kind of service. I’m reminded of my grandfather who landed on Normandy. A perilous trip to Europe hadn’t been in his life plan, but preserve our freedoms he did. Today many of us are in a position to preserve our freedom and way of life in practical ways. It would be my honor to promote the welfare of ALL in The great State of Washington.

A Vote for Jolie is a sound choice!

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