My name is Jolie Lansdowne and I’m running for your WA State House of Representatives for the 34th LD, Position 1.

I am a wife, mother, West Seattle neighbor, small business owner and community advocate. 

Our area has changed quite a bit since my elementary years at Gregory Heights. I grew up in Burien and have many fond memories of grabbing my bike and feeling completely safe to ride all around after school. I’d ride from the top of 160th, through the neighborhoods into downtown Burien. The Swedish Bakery was my favorite stop.

Another hobby was raising and training my Fox Terriers Strider and Molly. I would show them at local fairs as part of the community 4-H program. Winning best in show with Strider at the Enumclaw Fair was a proud moment for me.

I later attended Sylvester Middle school and then went on to Highline High School where I met my now husband.

My story has had a lot of chapters since those days at Highline High School. I went on to graduate high school, and then to college at FIDM in LA with a degree in Garment Production Management. I worked for St John Knit in San Diego using my degree, then an offer to open a restaurant in Yokosuka, Japan moved me into the restaurant business for the next ten years. I landed back in beautiful Seattle for the opening of Palisade restaurant at the Elliot Bay Marina and where I led the front desk team there for many years.

I got married and had two wonderful sons. I tried to balance staying at home with them and a part time job. Eventually I began working with builders and developers in real estate. Unexpectedly, I found myself as a full-time single mother trying to make ends meet against some challenging circumstances. We needed to move into a small rental cottage as we had lost our home. I found creative ways at home to meet the school requirements and lots of reading on Mom’s lap to try and balance the trauma of life changes. The curricula I wrote kept the joy of learning enhanced and the practical life skills and serving the community during those years helped us focus on others and get through a tough time. 

My real estate career began to sustain us more and more as I’d work late while my sons slept, juggling sole provider, teacher and parent. I’m proud of how my sons’ have weathered life’s adversities.

Having worked with families all over the city in real estate, and being an intentional sect-8 landlord, I have unique understanding of our complex housing challenges, as well as the negotiation experience to find paths, even if narrow, between two parties. I’m experienced at creating peaceful and productive solutions while maintaining faithful advocacy.  I will bring these skills with me to the legislature.

13 years ago, I married Zachary, merging our families during the peak of the 2009 recession was a little tough. During this adjustment time we found help with the WA State food assistance program. I understand how these systems need to work at the community level and will bring that insight to the House. 

Through hard work and determination, Zachary and I started a one person handy-man business that we have built into a home remodel company. It is a thriving West Seattle small business supporting 4 full time employees. This experience has given me further insight on how to support small business policy in the Legislature. 

Healthy communities are measured by their family owned and small businesses. Studies show when these businesses thrive, then the community as a whole operates at a higher level of overall health and safety.

Prior to running for office, my first resolution as Precinct Committee Officer was to create a team of 4 to gather data and create action steps for reviewing the health and accuracy of our voting process here in the 34th LD. The goal being that not only could voters be confident that their vote was accurately recorded, but that candidates who commit to run a race can know that the sacrifice that they and their family make is measured with fairness and accuracy. This action promotes a healthy trusting system where the people will have the confidence that their votes make a difference. 

I hope to take this journey with you to bring unity and forward momentum, allowing us all greater access through legislation and community level engagement to reach our goals and dreams. I pledge to work hard to make our streets safer, our businesses more profitable and our children better prepared for tomorrow. It would be my honor to serve the people of WA State.