Vote TODAY for a brighter tomorrow!

In the past two years, has crime gotten better or worse?  Has the cost of living, rent, and food gone up or down?  How many of your favorite stores or restaurants have closed?  Today, you can do something about it.  You can vote to support law enforcement, cut wasteful spending and burdensome regulations, and protect our families and small businesses.  Vote for Jolie Lansdowne as your representative in District 34 and she’ll fight for you and make these issues a priority in Olympia!

Primary Day is Tomorrow!

If you’re tired of the sending the same people to Olympia and watching as things get steadily worse, then tomorrow is your one chance to change things.  Vote for Jolie Lansdowne and tell the politicians there that you want to get crime under control, that you want protection from this recession, and that the education of our children matters to you!  The future of District 34 is at stake on August 2nd, and Jolie Lansdowne promises to be a voice for you and the entire community!  Visit www.JoliefortheHouse for more information!

Family, Friends and Community!

The best part of campaigning has been meeting so many people and listening to your priorities and concerns.  You want safer neighborhoods, you’re worried about inflation and recession, and you’re wondering what it all means for your families.  I’ll be a voice for all of you and remind Olympia what it means to truly serve the people.  Remember to vote for Jolie Lansdowne, District 34, Position 1, on August 2nd!

Vote for Our Families

Primary Election Day is right around the corner! Be sure to cast your vote for the one candidate putting your family first, Jolie Lansdowne! Together, we can make our neighborhoods safe, keep them prosperous, and create common sense solutions for our families and our community! Vote Jolie, District 34, Position 1– Your voice for a brighter tomorrow!

Recession is here!

The country is in recession.  That’s why it’s important to send someone to Olympia who will fight for the financial security of our community.  We must prioritize the well-being our families and small businesses, and cut the unnecessary burden of wasteful spending.  On August 2nd, vote for me, Jolie Lansdowne, District 34, Position 1, and I’ll fight every day for you.  The time to act is NOW!

Marjie Schaefer Endorses Jolie!

“I highly recommend Jolie for the position of state representative, 34th district. Jolie is a woman of integrity, character, and action; she will proactively strive to reach her goals on public safety, small business, and education.”

-Marjie Schaefer
Founder, Flourish through the Word Ministries

Endorsement: Kathy Lambert

It’s such an honor to have Kathy Lambert’s endorsement! With her support and yours, we’re closer than ever to making our neighborhoods safer, our schools better, and our small businesses more prosperous! Remember that Early Voting starts on Friday, June 15th and cast your ballot for Jolie Lansdowne, District 34, Position 1! Change begins with you!

Endorsement: Josh Menashe

I’d like to thank Josh Menashe for his support. He’s a hard worker who loves this community and wants the best for all of the families living here. Across the country, costs are increasing and crime is getting out of hand, and we aren’t immune to that. Many of us know neighbors who have packed up and left or businesses that have closed up shop. In times like these, it’s important to step across whatever lines divide us and work together for the benefit of our community. Let’s stand up for each other, because if we don’t, who will? Click around this website and read a little more about how I’d like to help. I’d appreciate your vote.


District 34 needs a fighter!

Is our government doing its best? We can do better, but if we keep sending the same people to Olympia, we’ll keep getting the same results. This year, cast your vote for the one candidate that stands for REAL CHANGE, Jolie Lansdowne. She’ll fight for the things that the politicians have forgotten, the things that really matter— our families, our businesses, our communities, and our future. Visit for more information and vote Jolie Lansdowne for District 34, Position 1. Early voting is on NOW!!!